ACNAPP – a better to do list app – not a taskmanager

Want to become ultra productive?

Science backed and new technology based GTD App

it's not a taskmanager

Do you know what's the problem with taskmanaging? If you are a busy person the tagging, flagging, prioritizing, shifting, tracking, postponing and self-organizing of your tasks becomes the most time-fueling task itself.

The ACNAPP does all that for you.

super clean super easy

ACNAPP is easy. We want you to focus on your goals. No distraction, no complicated Dashboards, no setting and tweaking. Just getting things done.

custom app experience

Every person is different. Every life situation has hits unique setup. The ACNAPP is built to tailor the needs of every user. It's all about your goals, your projects and your skills.

science is king

You name your personal circumstances and through an algorithm ACNAPP ranks all open tasks for your. We use latest findings in psychology and neurobiology.

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