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building the most valuable assets: values & skills

there is a formula for success and a happy life: pursuing your dreams by working consistently every day on your goals.

our life and reality are determined by causal effects. but quantum physics suggest that there is a very very small "opportunity", an uncertainty principle with the potential for us to be the very first cause for our future.

and that causation leads to other causal effects that will eventually lead to our faith: we indeed forge our own destiny.

all we have to do is "just doing it" and let the mechanics work.


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Our approach

don't think. get busy!

our biggest obstacle is our own ego, our consciousness. we fear that our current actions are
not the most important tasks, or that we should be doing something else. we vague the pros and cons against each other and we always just think too much.

but there is only one secret for success in every life situation: just get going! one step after another leads eventually to a goal.

with acnapp we want to free you of those thoughts. just rely on our algorithm and our psychologically and science backed approach:

acnapp will tell you exactly what to do. right. now.


We studied neuroscience & psychology

We read hundreds of books, attended classes, researched in professional databases and talked to dozens of experts. We know what really brings you into a momentum to accomplish your tasks.

the secret of success

Boldness and vision

We want you to dream big. Envision your goals, your dreams and who you want to be. Envision this in detail and set it up in the acnapp. If you can see it, you can achieve it.

Only relevant data

Our User Interface is build around your current tasks section. All you need to know is the name of the task. No tags, no flags, no other information. Just a taskname.

Ths is an order

Soldiers surpass themselves in the battlefield when they don't question orders. All that matters is the task and no further thinking. Acnapp is your commander.

Always see your goal

When setting up a task you have to tell acnapp the ultimate goal of that task. By reading your goal over and over again the repetion will make that goal a part of your subconscious.

Keep track of success

For positive enhancement we track all of your tasks and interpret those data based on your setup. Did you focus on your goals or did you get sidetracked? Always keep touch with reality.

We work hard, too!

The acnapp will never be "finished". We always apply new workflows, try different approaches, track the latest science and use fancy technology. Nothing is as constant as change.

Our customers

Sheryl Graham

"I use acnapp for business development and managing my lawfirm as a business entity. It helps me to focus on key clients and build other ventures, too!"

Chris Anderson

"acnapp is awesome! I tend to loose focus on all of my projects. I tried the pareto rule 80-20, but in my daily schedule it's impossible to follow through. acnapp does that for me!"

Susan Cox

"I am still trying to find out what I want to do with my life. I love to experiment and travel new paths. With acnapp I can now focus on my vision - and still be reminded of the boring but important every day tasks like "paying taxes" and such."

Ready to get busy?